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Menu Hotela Croatia

Buffet breakfast

Cold buffet
  • butter, marmalade, jam, pate, cream cheese
  • ham, hard salami, chicken salami, mortadella
  • gouda cheese, pag cheese in olive oil, salted cow cheese, soft spread cheese
  • yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, cream
  • fresh tomato, black and green olives, sour pepper or cucumber, aivar, senf, mayonnaise
  • tomato with tuna, fruite compote and corn flakes
  • fruit cocktail
  • apples ,oranges, bananas, plumbs, grapefruit, grapes, watermelon
  • corn flakes
  • cake, croissants
  • juice, apple juice
  • white bread, black bread with seeds

Topli doručak

  • pie with cheese, pie with cheese, omellete with ham, pizza with anchovies,olives and tomatoes
  • pie with potatoes, mini hot-dog, omellete with cheese, pizza with ham and cheese
  • pie with mangold, triangles with ham and cheese, omellete with bacon, pizza with vegetables
  • triangles with vagatables, omellete with onion, pizza with tuna
  • sticks with bacon and ham, omellete with onion and tomatoes, omellete with ham, pizza with anchovies, olives and cheese
  • pie with zucchini and cheese, Spain pie, omellete with bacon
  • several kinds of teas, coffee, milk, cocoa


  • Crab bisque
  • Baked and sundried pappa al pomdoro with croutons and granna cheese


  • Dalmatian cheese and prosciutto plate
  • Caprese salad (Tomatoes,mozzarella)
  • Lamb brain salad with walnut and caperies dressing
  • Lamb ribs with mint and curry
  • Vol au vent with lamb ragout
  • Octopus salad
  • Mussels in bouzzara
  • Risotto scampi
  • Black cuttle fish risotto
  • Spaghetti frutti di mare (clams, shrimp, mussels)
  • Black noodles with sea bass and cherry tomatoes
  • Green tagliatelle with shrimps
  • Ricotta gnocchi with prosciutto, fresh sage and cherry tomatoes
  • Shrimp salad with french dressing and prosciutto
  • Grilled cuttlefish salad on baked peper
  • Lobster risotto with black truffles and fava beans
  • Spinach tagliatelle with lobster
  • Lobster ravioli in foie gras sauce
  • Fusili with truffles
  • Grilled and marinated vegetables with rucola and mozzarella

Mesna jela(Meat dishes)

  • Chicken fillet with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Grilled veal
  • Saltimbocca - weal medallions wraped in prosciutto and fresh sage
  • Beef steak
  • Beef steak in black peppercorn sauce
  • Beef steak with foie gras sauce and truffles
  • Rumpsteak in wine jus with grilled onions
  • Tagliata - beef fillet mignon with rucola, Ranna cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Grilled lamb
  • Marinated lamb in a prosecco sauce
  • Lamb / veal under „Peka“

Lamb, lamb, lamb

  • Vol au vent with lamb ragout
  • Lamb ribs with mint and curry
  • Lamb sirloin with dessert wine, almonds and sauteed potatoes

Hotel Croatia menu

  • Octopus salad
  • Inkfish risotto
  • Wine cooked guilthead with potatoes

Chef`s choice

  • Lobster ravioli in foie gras sauce.
  • Grilled cuttlefish with baked and marinated pappers
  • Pancetta wrapped Monkfish medallions with swiss chard and potatoes

Fish and shell-fish

  • Fish plate for two persons (sea bass, gilthead, squids, mussels, shrimp)
  • Grilled sea bass
  • Sea bass fillet in the mediterranean sauce (Black olives, capers,salted anchovies,petersil,olive oil)
  • Tuna steak
  • Oven baked monkfish with potatoes and zucchini
  • Grilled fish first class
  • Fish stew local recipe
  • Boiled fish and potatoes,local recipe
  • Grilled scampi
  • Scampi in tomato bouzzara sauce
  • Grilled squides
  • Grilled lobster
  • Lobster or langouste in brodetto with polenta
  • Griiled shrimps
  • Fried calamari

Side dishes

  • Rice with pine nuts and rucola
  • French fries - steakhouse style
  • Gratinated potoato with onions and bacon
  • Grilled vegatables
  • Swiss chard Dalmatian style (with potatoes, garlic and olive oil)
  • Grilled polenta


  • Ricula cherry tomatoes, granna padano and balsamic vinegar
  • Letuce
  • Rucola salad
  • Grilled pepper salad with acetto balsamico
  • Tomato salad
  • Mixed salad


  • Hvar sundried figs Semifredo with white chocolate and fennel seeds in aromatic wine syrup
  • Oven baked peaches in lavander syrup with vanilla ice cream
  • Ice cold chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream, roasted almonds and cranbeeries in creamy coffe sauce
  • Ice cream
  • Creme carame


Wine card

Selected white wines

  • Cuvee beleca Tomić /Hvar
  • Pošip sveti klement /Hvar
  • Zlatan otok plenković / Hvar
  • Pošip Luviji Bracanović/Hvar
  • Graševina Belje /Baranja
  • Malvazija Cattunar /Istra
  • Chardonnay Belje /Baranja
  • Sauvignon Gaj /Plešivica-Okić
  • Stolno bijelo /Hvar

Selected red wines

  • Medvjedica Duboković / Hvar
  • Plavac mali bq. Tomić/Hvar
  • Merlot Belje /Baranja
  • Plavac bq Svirće /Hvar
  • Zlatan plavac Plenković /Hvar
  • Plavac 2718 sati sunca
  • U boci Duboković /Hvar
  • Pakleni Luviji Bracanović /Hvar
  • Cuvee sveti Klement /Hvar
  • Plavac Tomić/ Hvar
  • Rose Opolo Tomić /Hvar
  • Stolno crno / Hvar

Desert wines

  • Muškat žuti Degrassi
  • Prošek Hectorovich Tomić /Hvar
  • Don Petar Duboković / Hvar

Sparkling wine

  • Furst von Metternich
  • Freixenet Negro

Wine by the glass

  • Plavac 2718 sati sunca
  • U boci Duboković / Hvar
  • Cuvee Beleca Tomič /Hvar
  • Prošek Hectorovich Tomić/ Hvar


Martell Cognac, Courvoisier, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Ballantine’s, Gin domaći, vodtka domaća, vodtka voćna, vodtka Smirnoff, lozovača, travarica, Brandy domaći, Stock, Rum


Bailey’s, Pina colada, Jegermeister, Cherry brandy, Campari bitter, Istra bitter, Pelinkovac, Amaro


juice, juice, soda, ice tea, sparkling water, lemonade, orange juice

Warm drinks

milk, coffee with milk, coffee espresso, cappuccino, Nescafe, coffee with cream, ice coffee, tea with lemon

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