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Trogir was founded by the Greek colonists in the 3rd century BC. Throughout the history it was occupied by the Romans, theByzantines, theHungarians, theVenetiansand Napoleon. Culture, humanism and architecture flourished here in the middle Ages; bulwarks and a tower which were built at that time within the ancient town nucleus defined its outlines. Trogir is today on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage as the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe.

St. Peterchurch

Located in the centre of the town with the statue of St. Petermadeby Nikola Firentinac on the main entrance. This church used to be a part of Benedictine monastery and after that it was a school. The most dominant part of the monastery is a well with the arm of family Marković whose members invested in art and financed the Baroque organ case.